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Are you looking for peace, happiness, harmony, freedom?

Maa is here to guide seekers of Truth, just like you, on a path of deep inner self-discovery and introspection. The source of spiritual knowledge lies within, and you can realize this for yourself. Meditate on the inner Light and Sound and connect with the flow of Divine Grace. This Science of the Soul, is also called the Gift of Naam. Awaken to your Divine Nature!

With the gift of Naam one verily shines bright And becomes the knower of Truth. GURU AMAR DAS

You have received this human birth for a special purpose. You have come here to realize the Truth of who you really are: beyond all the labels of family, religion, country, profession etc. Discover your innate spiritual power by cultivating the art of awareness. To know your Self is to know freedom!

within your spiritual heart lies AN OCEAN OF LOVE

"Maa's message to humanity is to seek God within; as that Power resides within the Soul of every human being."

This is a forum for members following Maa's spiritual path.  Contact us to learn more about the Meditation on inner Light and Sound as revealed in the ancient Upanishads.

Maa has come to spread the message of Truth in the world, for truth is the foundation of spiritual power.

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Awaken to the awareness of the Self as a state of pure consciousness. Break free from the endless cycle of transmigration.

Spiritual seekers throughout the ages, have contemplated on these eternal questions: "who am I", "why am I here", "where did I come from", "what is reality"?

Meditation is a natural process of purifying and harmonizing the different layers of existence. The vehicle of awareness is used to carry your consciousness from a state of bondage towards a state of freedom. You are a spark of the Divine and through this spiritual practice, you can realize your eternal essence nature. The goal and purpose of human life, is to liberate yourself from the conditioning of the mind-body complex. Acts of devotion and service, performed in a spirit of dedication and surrender, help us to cultivate inner purity; pre-requisite for rising above body consciousness in meditation.

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"You are a particle of God, and you have to complete your karma and earn the benefit of performing good actions. Be virtuous and do good deeds; surrender to God. Earn merit through sacrifice, truth and love - then rise up to God and merge into Him. For this purpose you were born here on earth. If we live our life in love, then God will always be with us. That is all I want to say to my lovely children; be love, be good, be one." MAA

Wisdom of the Masters

“The power of God is infinite and maintains the whole universe. A part of that power resides in our Soul, and that same power works inside our body in the form of Light and Sound.

How do we meditate? We converge our mind and heart towards our third eye center, and use the Simran (the Holy Names given to us at initiation) to connect to the Divine Light and the Power of God. This Simran helps to enlighten our inner self, and to purify the outer person we see with our eyes. While meditating we should keep our mind calm, and concentrate at the third eye to experience the spiritual planes and power within. We should bring our meditation to a level where the Divya Shakti (Divine Energy) is revealed inside of us. Through meditation on inner Sound, we activate this energy and obtain the strength to control and focus our mind. We can experience the Divya Shakti, and also at a higher stage, the Param Divya Shakti (Supreme Divine Light). This spiritual power acts through our meditation on inner Sound and Light (these two manifestations of God's Power are worshipped as Shiva and Shakti in India). Continue reading "Wisdom of the Masters"

Home of Truth

The joy of giving is much sweeter than the pleasure of receiving. Sacrificing yourself and giving to others will bring immense happiness to your soul.

Our home is for everyone, and by walking together on the true path we can connect with the inner Divine Light. Maa opens up her arms, to all seekers of Truth who have a heart to serve. Join hands with Maa and help everybody to grow in love. Through our efforts, this Home of Truth will blossom and yield wonderful fruit for all humanity. Maa is inviting you to spread prosperity and love to all those enduring mental, emotional or physical pain. Through your support, Maa can give food to those who are hungry, water to those who are thirsty, and care and education to the needy. Spiritual practices which include meditation, service and devotion, provide everyone with a wonderful opportunity to attain a state of inner peace and fulfillment.

"Those who have received initiation from Maa, should use that opportunity like a key, to open the door which leads to Truth. This Truth is the power of all the enlightened Masters. Truth is the abode of Param Divya Adishakti, the Divine Light radiating throughout creation. The whole creation is immersed in Truth, and the door to Truth is through Shakti Power. We need to transcend the cycle of 8.4 million lives and return to the abode of Truth. Satlok is our true Home. We originated from Truth, and because of Truth, this world is operating. We need to go towards the Supreme Door and open ourselves to Truth. Truth is the door, and Truth is our freedom, where Sat Purush resides. That is the Home of Truth."

About Maa

Her Holiness 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj, affectionately called Maa, is considered by many people throughout the world today to be a living example of a God-realized Saint and the rare embodiment of the Divine Mother. Maa  has come at this time to help the transition of humanity into a new era of Truth on Earth, known to many as the long-awaited Golden Age. Even as a young girl, it was known to her family that something was special about her and her future.

Maa spent many years in the Himalayan mountains of India and had no connection with people during this time. She was only connected to God while meditating day and night. Through her intense devotional practices, she attained the highest goal of human life. God-realization came in 2001, and Maa was blessed with the divine energy and power to help all souls during at this time of conflict and tension. Maa came down from the Himalayan mountains in 2010, to begin her work to spread the message of Truth, and uplift all those yearning for eternal happiness and inner freedom. The spiritual power which Maa has received from God, is the source of power which all realized souls have attained through meditation. This power manifests within those who are truly serving humanity, and it has the competency to connect sincere seekers of Truth to the highest level of human potentiality.

By learning the meditation practice, we are given a natural method to turn our attention within and discover the source of eternal peace and happiness. Everything lies within our own body.  Maa is here to show us the true path, and connect our souls with the "Divine Light and Sound" mentioned in all the mystical texts and holy scriptures. This path is free and has no attachments. We can still follow our religions, faiths and worldly lives, and in addition accept the spiritual blessings of Maa to help ourselves and the world.

Maa is the founder of an international charity with headquarters in Haridwar, India.

In 2010 the Maa Adishakti Aparajita Trilokinath Vishwa Seva Sansthan charitable organization in Haridwar was founded at the Guru Maa Moksh Dwar ashram. In 2012 her international Divine Light Mission was registered in USA and a Meditation Center was established in South Korea. During the 2013 Mahakumbh, Maa was crowned as 1008 Mahamandaleshwar on the banks of the Ganges in the holy city of Varanasi.

Message from Her Holiness Sri Sri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj

"How can we move from the dark age to the Golden Age? This will only come about through the efforts of the human souls. If we all start speaking the truth, and act positively according to God’s will, then the Golden Age will certainly come. This transformation can be created by adhering to the path, by performing deeds which are honest, truthful and just; and by renouncing all the material ills prevalent in our worldly society. Through our sincere efforts to follow the path of Truth, this change will eventually transform the whole world, and the new Age will arrive. The power of God is as vast as an ocean, and you cannot imagine the scope and volume of power and blessings coming from God. We have to become perfect; at present we are incomplete. We can complete our soul’s journey by meditating and doing the work assigned to us by the Naam or word of God's power.

We can only fully connect with pure consciousness through the primordial power of Adishakti; then we will certainly attain the immense blessings awaiting us at the completion of our spiritual journey. This is the only remedy to eliminate all the suffering in this world, and save all the souls from their misery and pain. Maa wants to bless all the souls with true happiness. Every soul should blossom like a flower and radiate positive fragrance, delight and joy to their surroundings. Shakti is Truth. Whatever we ask for, will be fulfilled through her blessings. Maa perfects all the things missing in our life through her spiritual blessings. We should be grateful and give thanks to God Power, and we should always maintain this connection for the spiritual upliftment of our soul. The soul’s purpose in life is to realize the true power of God, and to awaken the other souls in Truth."