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Awaken to the awareness of the Self as a state of pure consciousness. Break free from the endless cycle of transmigration.

Spiritual seekers throughout the ages, have contemplated on these eternal questions: "who am I", "why am I here", "where did I come from", "what is reality"?

Meditation is a natural process of purifying and harmonizing the different layers of existence. The vehicle of awareness is used to carry your consciousness from a state of bondage towards a state of freedom. You are a spark of the Divine and through this spiritual practice, you can realize your eternal essence nature. The goal and purpose of human life, is to liberate yourself from the conditioning of the mind-body complex. Acts of devotion and service, performed in a spirit of dedication and surrender, help us to cultivate inner purity; pre-requisite for rising above body consciousness in meditation.

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"You are a particle of God, and you have to complete your karma and earn the benefit of performing good actions. Be virtuous and do good deeds; surrender to God. Earn merit through sacrifice, truth and love - then rise up to God and merge into Him. For this purpose you were born here on earth. If we live our life in love, then God will always be with us. That is all I want to say to my lovely children; be love, be good, be one." MAA