Wisdom of the Masters

“The power of God is infinite and maintains the whole universe. A part of that power resides in our Soul, and that same power works inside our body in the form of Light and Sound.

How do we meditate? We converge our mind and heart towards our third eye center, and use the Simran (the Holy Names given to us at initiation) to connect to the Divine Light and the Power of God. This Simran helps to enlighten our inner self, and to purify the outer person we see with our eyes. While meditating we should keep our mind calm, and concentrate at the third eye to experience the spiritual planes and power within. We should bring our meditation to a level where the Divya Shakti (Divine Energy) is revealed inside of us. Through meditation on inner Sound, we activate this energy and obtain the strength to control and focus our mind. We can experience the Divya Shakti, and also at a higher stage, the Param Divya Shakti (Supreme Divine Light). This spiritual power acts through our meditation on inner Sound and Light (these two manifestations of God's Power are worshipped as Shiva and Shakti in India).

We should meditate with a true heart and good will, in order to establish a connection with the power of Shakti. To connect with this power, we have to first eliminate the five evils within; as these tendencies (lust, anger, ego, greed, attachment) reduce our devotion and drag us into a worldly life. We must always connect our mind with our higher Self, before connecting it to the outside world. By progressing in Light and Sound meditation, we will also achieve liberation, as our Soul is a part of God, which is indestructible and eternal. Our Soul suffers whenever our mind indulges in the five evils, but we start to feel good when we progress in our meditation. The ultimate benefit of our meditation, is liberation from the continuous cycle of re-births. So it is important to concentrate on both Light and Sound meditation.

In our body there are many latent powers which are beneficial for us, so we should activate them through Light and Sound meditation. Success comes through hard work and struggle, so we should practice every day, for as long as it is comfortable - there is no specific time or place for practicing the Light and Sound meditation. Out of a feeling of Bhakti, we should continue our practice on inner Light and Sound. Inner progress through our regular meditation brings the benefits of a comfortable spiritual and worldly life. If we tend more towards enjoying a worldly life, then we experience mostly worldly feelings. Likewise if we are living a more spiritual life, then we will experience spiritual feelings inside ourselves.

If we concentrate on Bhakti and impart love to others, our ego will decrease, and the feeling of “I” will be replaced with a feeling of “we”.  We should never partake in criticism or back-biting, as there is no need to get involved with any person who is being unpleasant. Everything we have with us in this world is because of our karmas, either good or bad, so we should never boast about our finances or material possessions.

The best way to remove ego is to stay calm, keep busy serving and helping others; and continue with the regular practice of meditation. If we are finding it difficult to eliminate ego, then it is beneficial to use our ego to help others and do good deeds. We should keep our heart and mind as soft as a flower and emanate love to others. Our ego can also be reduced if we have confidence in ourselves.

We must lead a life of selfless service, and take care of our parents and family. We should neither blame anyone unnecessarily, nor get into discussions about other people. We should not steal from anyone for our own benefit, or cause other people any problems. It is our duty to help the poor and needy, and we can always find ways to perform good deeds and help others. We should take care of our family with love and affection, be trustworthy and never betray our friends. Through good actions we automatically reduce the level of bad karmas in our life. So every step in life should be taken on a positive note, as these positive actions keep our Soul clean and reduce the layer of negativity. With the aid of good karmas, we can develop concentration; this is the foundation of our journey towards God. We gain benefits from it not only for our inner spiritual self, but for our worldly life as well. The meditation on the Holy Naam takes us from darkness to Divine Light.

All things can be done with a loving nature, rather than in anger or ego.  We should love others without any selfishness or greed; we should be truly devoted to Shiv-Shakti (God's power).  At first we feel that our love is inadequate, but gradually with our faith and prayers, and by following the path of Light and Sound meditation, the ocean of love starts to spread inside us.

Soon this love detaches the Soul from its worldly belongings, and the blessings of God start to flourish inside us. It is possible to love God in this human life, and completely establish the inner connection. We can have everything we need through love; we become more receptive to God’s love, by performing good deeds and karmas. We have to love all of God’s creation - nature, animals, people etc. The love of God can be felt from within, the power of God is always there with us. If we give love to others and ourselves, we will always attain the love of the Supreme Power, by keeping ourselves connected. The one who wishes to follow the Path of Bhakti has to act in accordance with some basic principles; such as overcoming the five evils, renouncing negative thoughts, and bravely facing the difficulties of this world. We have to let go of worldly illusions, and attain a level inside where we perceive respect and disrespect equally. It is helpful to maintain the faith inside, that without the power of God, not even a leaf on a tree can move. Worry is an obstacle on the path of Bhakti, and until the fears associated with this world are removed from inside us, Bhakti cannot be stable.

A person on a spiritual path has to live a good ethical life and help others, and stay in this world even when criticized. Always just surrender to God. We should be forgiving, calm, helpful and loving towards others; we should not cause harm to anyone. A spiritual life is a struggle with continuous tests, through which we develop and progress in our life. We have to stay connected to God through regular meditation and reciting the Simran. A true devotee stands tall, despite all the criticism they face from society, just as a lotus stands tall in a dirty pond. We have to tread the spiritual path while living in this world, and become completely connected to God. Both the worldly life and the spiritual life have been given to us by God, so we have to live both with love and faith.

In the first plane we see the dull light of a star or the light of a single sun.  On the second plane we are able to see the sun, in either red or yellow, having an intensity of light one thousand times more than the earth’s sun. The Soul stays in this plane for most of our time in this physical body, during which time all the karmas are cleaned and negative energies removed. Until these karmas are cleared, the Soul cannot travel further. Crossing this plane, the Soul reaches the third plane where the desires of the mind cease, and the Soul is freed from the clutches of the mind. Here we see a moon, which increases or reduces in size compared with the earth’s moon. When the Soul reaches the fourth plane, which is also called the Bhanwar Gupha or the door of Sachkhand (Truth), it realizes that it is a part of God. To get through this plane, the Soul needs to have very powerful Shakti. When the soul reaches the fifth plane, the Light is very bright like the light of millions of suns together, which is the infinite Light of God. This is a place of endless peace and love. It is the plane of Shiv-Shakti. Only a Saint or a person with true power can reach further. So we have to attain the highest level by crossing all the planes one by one.

With the power of Param Divya Shakti we will bring in the Golden Age. Every child will know the Truth at some point.  Where the power of Truth stands, no wall of lies can overcome it. My blessings are with you. Those who wish for spirituality will accomplish their goal, and those desiring worldly success will also achieve their wish.”

(* the Sanskrit word for power is Shakti, and Adishakti is the active power of God creating, maintaining and dissolving this universe)

There are two kinds of meditation – inner and outer. Outer meditation controls anger, lust and hatred, whereas inner meditation brings peace and spiritual progress. Through inner meditation it is possible to realize God Power residing within our body; whereas outer practices give us knowledge and provide strength. During inner meditation God listens to our heart-felt prayers, and during outer meditation, the Supreme Power reveals its presence by healing us and providing peace and harmony in our lives. During inner meditation, we come to know our true self and realize God. Through inner awareness we can awaken ourselves. Everything that we wish for, can be accomplished through meditation.

Everything surrounding us has to perish at some point; nothing in the material world is permanent. When the soul becomes one with God, the human body at that stage renounces its worldly attachments. The soul yearns to become one with God, as it is a part of God, and is derived from the Kingdom of God. It is the duty of every human being to follow this path and complete the journey. If you are not happy in your job or profession, then you should ask your soul to reveal your true direction, whether it be in the area of work or studies etc. The soul is the ‘face of God’, whereas the heart has a strong will and needs to be controlled through meditation. By simply surrendering to God Power, we are giving very little; while God gives us so much in return. At every stage along our spiritual journey God tests us, but also blesses us. It is our duty for the ultimate journey of the soul to become one with God. Devoted souls are all the different faces of God. When we make offerings to Saints, it purifies us by removing the poison attached to our worldly activities and gains.

God gives us everything in life, so we should also offer our services through seva; which can be physical, devotional or financial. It is our duty to thankfully return a portion of that which we have received from the Almighty God.

We should do everything under the direction of our soul. If we are suffering, then we suffer due to the karmic deeds of our past and present lives. Through meditation we can heal ourselves and clear our karmic deeds, and also lead a good and peaceful life. If the desire to meet God arises from a pure heart, then we can have a very good experience as per our inner desires. Everything becomes simple with our pure devotion and full faith. Maa has come to connect us with Truth.”