Festival of Lights

Photo taken Diwali 2016 Haridwar

This is a Diwali message from Kadambari Maa.

Today I described to Guru Maa the main message of Sage Patanjali, that I took to heart last week during an intensive course on the Yoga Sutras. I would like to share this inspiration with you on Diwali. 

"As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears. As you cease to be, true life begins. As you grow smaller, this world cannot contain you. You will be shown a being that has no you in it." RUMI



Chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras describes the Path of Sadhana - the preparation necessary to attain the meditative state of Samadhi (pure awareness). It begins with Kriyā Yoga which has three components: Tapas (austerity), Svadhyaya (self-study), and Ishvara Pranidhana (faith in the guiding Power). It requires effort to put the theory of yoga into practice; it is a practice of purification which leads us to our natural state of inner radiance and clarity.

I said to Maa, that deepening my knowledge in the Yoga Sutras, has helped me to better understand Maa's message about the necessity of performing the yoga of Karma (action) and Bhakti (devotion) as preparation for true meditation.

According to Patanjali, yoga sadhana begins with systematic action (physical and mental), through an awareness of your present condition. You can start practicing from wherever you are.....RIGHT NOW. It doesn't matter whether your mind is focused or dissipated, or whether your body is healthy or not; you can start at your current level of development and design a practice that is ideal for your personal spiritual growth.

At a practical level, Tapas means to gather the fire within, and overcome laziness and inertia. Becoming active, means not being dependent on others for your salvation, because you take charge of your own destiny. In the beginning, a great deal of energy goes into overcoming resistance and this causes some discomfort. Enduring this discomfort is Tapas. If you have a true understanding of the higher goal and purpose of the practice, then you commit yourself to this discomfort without giving up. Forms of Tapas include mantra, seva, charity, worship, fasting, practicing truth in thought, speech, and action.

“Run from what’s comfortable.  Forget safety.  Live where you fear to live." RUMI

The essence of what I learnt from Patanjali is that the root cause of suffering is our Kleshas (ego, attachment, aversion) which is based in Avidya (ignorance/forgetfulness). Our Karma-Samskaras is a repository of subliminal impressions in our mind - deposited through previous actions in thought, word or deed. These subtle impressions are rooted in the Kleshas and manifest as Vrittis (mental activity), thereby determining our Prakriti (nature). Our conscious thoughts are grounded in our Karma-Samskaras and define our personality (habits, emotions and reactions). The Karma-Samskaras flourish when Kleshas (impurities) are present.

Actions are rooted in thoughts, and thoughts are rooted in karmic impressions, which are rooted in action. This is the karmic cycle at work....

The good news is we can change our destiny.  We cannot change our unconscious mind, but we can control and change our actions. The only way to deal with unconscious impressions caused by previous karma, is to perform karma.  Only through action can we change the Samskaras deep in our subconcious mind. To overcome this conditioning, we need first to cultivate awareness and then to overwrite our habits through yogic Samskaras, The other significant thing is that just Kriya Yoga alone, will not eliminate the root Kleshas completely. The seed karmas have to roast in the fire of knowledge, which arises during true meditation, to prevent the possibility of producing any future fruit. The darkness of ignorance is  destroyed by the light of wisdom; thereby rendering all Samskaras ineffective.

So we need both....first the preparatory actions of purification, and finally the practice of one-pointed meditation. Outer religion (Dharma) is a preparation for the inner mysticism (Samadhi), and the Yoga Sutras describes this process of Astanga Yoga (the eight-limbed yoga), also called Raja Yoga.

  • Kriya Yoga leads us towards deep meditation by reducing the cause of our suffering (Sutra 2.2).
  • The karmic deposit rooted in the fundamental sources of suffering is experienced in the present or future (Sutra 2.12).
  • This karmic deposit takes fruit in the form of birth, life span and experiences (Sutra 2.13).
  • The suffering that has not yet arrived is preventable (Sutra 2.16).
  • The means of attaining liberation is undisturbed discriminative knowledge (Sutra 2.26).
  • Through the practice of the elements of Kriya yoga comes the destruction of impurities; then comes the radiance of knowledge that expands all the way to the domain of discernment (Sutra 2.28).
  • The eight limbs of Yoga are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi (Sutra 2.29).

Surrendering the fruits of our actions and not being affected by the results of our actions is crucial in Kriya Yoga. I am  still learning to perfect this yoga, with many ups and downs along the way, and for me finally the light of understanding is starting to dawn. I have clearly seen how Maa offers her initiates individual Seva opportunities, designed to help them work out their Karma-Sanskaras and reduce the root cause of their self-created suffering.

So if you are having any difficulty with meditation, or are plagued by doubts and confusion, then understand that it is necessary to first apply the principles of yoga to weaken your Kleshas (impurities), before trying to meditate for longer periods. If you perform good actions in the form of Seva, Bhakti, Charity, Worship etc, it will implant good impressions in your mind, and this will act to weaken and replace the negative samskaras in your karmic store-house. Otherwise strong negative impressions deep within the subconscious, may rise during meditation and disturb your mind. For me, this has on occasion, along with the many benefits, also produced an array of side-effects intensified by prolonged meditation. Patanjali describes the age-old solution..... Kriya Yoga, the yoga of performing action. The Bhagawad Gita elaborately describes this process of Karma Yoga, and it is highly recommended to study this scripture as part of your Svadhyaya.

When the mind becomes transparent, meditation will occur naturally... and with no effort. With Maa's grace we can all achieve this.

Maa repeats this same message over and over again. How many of us have really understood the importance of Maa's message?

"Why are we getting all these hints? It is for a reason, and when you fully realize it, your soul will respond and you will understand your Dharma. Maa is blessing each of you individually, so that you will obtain the blessings of Paramatma and reach your goal. If we do true Bhakti, that Shakti will most surely bless us with the power to love each other unconditionally." MAA

Proper intention gives strength, so first it is necessary to make a Sankalpa (resolve) and clearly define your desire as a means of personal transformation. Then you must work on developing your own daily discipline (sadhana) of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Bhakti and Seva etc. As Pranic energy becomes more and more concentrated through this process of purification, you will gradually build up strength and clarity in mind and body. A meditative state of mind will develop spontaneously.

In her last satsang, Maa again stated this message, this time very clearly;

It is you who decides your destiny. You choose how positive you want to be, and what efforts you need to make to be as pure as you can - so that you will also resemble that Power. Maa was as pure as that Power and that is why Maa was blessed. 
Maa will make sure that the seva of the people who are serving her, doesn't go to waste. Maa will clear any remaining debts. Maa will bless her sevadars. Initiates who attain to the inner plane of liberation, they cannot take another body. They have to clear all their karmic debts, otherwise they will again be trapped in the birth cycle. Maa will never take anyone's burden upon herself; Maa will clear these debts by the seva being done for her, through Divine blessings and grace.
No matter what your religion, no matter how you express your devotion to God - you need to understand what is most important for your soul. You may take any number of trains to reach your destination, but you have to purchase the ticket of Dharma and Karma, then only you can reach your destination. Without this ticket, how will you reach the goal of your journey? Perform good actions, such as serving and donating to the mission. Your devotional and charitable deeds will reduce the negative actions you have done in the past.... Everything will flow according to your Dharma and Karma, and that is how the Divine Power chooses to bless you.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” RUMI

“The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.” RUMI 

Photo taken on Diwali 2016 Haridwar

"The only important thing will be, how much of God's work you have done in this world, through your Dharma (moral duty) or Karma (action)." MAA



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  1. One thing I forgot to mention…sometime ago Maa was busy in the ashram making cakes of cow dung which are used in India for fire rituals, as well as fuel for cooking food. She was up to her arms in the cow dung, when she said to me that it is imperative to keep busy and be useful while living in the world. Our bodies should remain active in service, and at the same time, the mind should be SHUNYA (empty or quiet). Maa said that those who do not undertake useful action and want to lead a life of comfort, will not achieve the goal of life. Focused and selfess action is a vital ingredient for spiritual success. Maa then said, that while she had been doing that seva, the Power had come to her and pulled her out of the body. So, Kriya or Karma Yoga is a direct path to achieve a state of true meditation. OM

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