Satsang from Harpada Feb 2018

"Blessings and love to all my dear children of Harpada. Even though my physical form was in Anandpur during Maha Shivratri, the divine Power exists here, and my dear children can also feel this Power when they meditate over here.

What is Seva? This word arises in our mind, when we help others and respect the divine Soul residing within them. Why do we do Seva? Are we doing it for ourselves? Seva is an act of love for God, expressed through the care we give to others and performance of the duties we need to fulfil in life. If we meditate but don't feel to be connected with anyone; it is good only up to a certain point. After that it starts to become selfish, because if we ignore all the duties around us, humanity would fail as a result. The inner darkness obstructs our positive thoughts.  It is not good to insult any kind of service, as all forms of Seva should be appreciated as a blessing.

The Divine power is not small or bound by any limitations. The person calling it small, digs a pit around him/herself and is not able to see beyond that. Paramatma, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanumana, Guru etc and all the names that Maa speaks of, are the One reality only. There is no discrimination, because Atma (Individual Soul) is equal to Paramatma (Supreme Soul). A solution created out of a mixture of good and bad, is what we see in front of us all through life. Our fingers all have a purpose ranging from big to small, but if one finger is missing, our hand is incomplete. To solve the dilemma appearing due to this variation,  you are required to understand the "essence of nature".

If you put granules of tea in warm water and they don't dissolve, but appear only to be acting like stones, their real purpose to create tea is lost. My dear children, don't be rigid in your mind. Simply accept how God has made you and follow the path of Truth. Why does someone get angry when told something that hurts his/her own feelings, but remains totally unaffected when witnessing the same thing happening to another person? The moment the person struggling with their inner self, changes their reactive nature, they will find a way out of the struggle.

During the festival of Diwali, we light the Diyas (ghee lamps) and offer them to Goddess Lakshmi; but we forget about her sister Alakshmi, who brings misfortune and pain in life. So my dear children, accepting  happiness as well as sadness, will release you from the bondage of pain and ego that automatically comes after the joy is over. You all have a clear heart and are working hard, even though you don't have much to offer...but coming together creates a big family, and whatever the family does is for everyone. This house and temple built here, are for you children who have loving and caring hearts.

Who is Shakti? Who has Shakti and who runs Shakti? We seek those answers by chanting the names of Krishna, Christ, Rama, Guru, Allah and so on. The Supreme Power will not discriminate your love and faith through the Name that you chant. Noone has control on the rope of Atma (Soul) which eventually leads us to Paramatma when pulled back in. The brighter your Soul is, the closer you can reach to the Supreme. Accepting anger, ego, greed and lust, and winning over it rather than running away, will light up your Soul in an instant!

God does not exist only in temples, ashram or places of worship, but rather God exists within you. It exists everywhere, and positive words are a form of worship, even in a lonely place where nobody else comes. Both Kaya (body) and Maya (material web of delusion) can be either a gift and a curse for us at different times. Beauty brings with it rejoicing, as well as the negativity  and wrong thoughts of other people. Similarly with Maya (eg. money) - if it is used negatively, it brings negativity with it; but if used in the right way, it brings a happiness way above any other. There is so much beauty and joy in giving and sharing. The money earned from your hard work is your true wealth. Nobody can give you Moksha (liberation), unless and until you recognise the true wealth of love, faith, service, meditation and truth within yourself. To get Moksha you don't need any books, but just the truth of AUM which resides within you and goes by many Names.

Once, a person who was walking on the true path, lied and was not able to sleep. The very next morning, he was feeling very uncomfortable. The lie that he used was not helping all, but hurting others, so he could not even have that thought to comfort him. So his heart and soul made the right decision and he corrected his mistake, which gave him a satisfaction that cannot be described in words.

I am happy to see the love that you showed to our guests who have travelled far from different countries, seeking truth and learning how to perform Seva without any selfish needs. They are learning it day by day, and Maa is blessing them that they get what they want - but their desires should be positive ones.

You all came and touched my feet, but do you touch your parents feet? If not, then why mine? Your parents are your first teachers. Spiritual Masters will take care of that thought, as that love for your parents doesn't vanish if they feel the same for you. You all have the potential of Bhakti (true devotion) within you. Maa does not want you to fail at any cost. Avoiding true love for everyone and seeking only negativity will eventually fade out. The loving care that you show to others, is your first step to walk on the path of Truth. The gratitude that you showed to our guests by presenting them each with a shawl, is very real, and even they could feel that love and are happy to be with you.

Blessings and love to you all. Har Har Mahadev! OM Naam Satnaam."


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